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Venez découvrir les portraits de nos élèves (Partie 2)

L'équipe éducative de notre collège EnjoySchool a à cœur de rendre les apprentissages concrets et vivants. Les élèves ont été invités a créer leurs propres autobiographies (pédagogie de projet).

Nous vous souhaitons donc une bonne lecture !

C'est parti !

Hi! My name is M. I’m 13 years old and my birthday is on the 17th of April. I’m from France and I live in Nice.

I have an older brother who’s pretty annoying but I still love him. My mum is a night watchwoman and my dad is a real estate diagnostician. I have a sweet dog and an adorable cat. I love drawing and making things in general. I started to take piano lessons a month ago, and I also make pottery. I like art but I really don’t like the smell of cigarettes. I have greenish brown eyes and kind of curly brown hair.

Hello! My name is N. I was born on July 15th two thousand and seven so I am 13 years old. My eyes are blue and my hair is brown. I am French and I live in Roquefort les Pins. I have a half-brother and a half-sister. I had two dogs but they died. My hobbies are riding a scooter, playing with my friends and playing video games. I play table tennis. I like chocolate and candy, but I don't really like to read. I don't have any favorite movies. My favorite music is Godzilla.

Hello, my name is LB and I am eleven years old. I was born in Cagnes-Sur- Mer the 11th of June. I still live in Cagnes-Sur- Mer. I live in a flat.

I have got one sister who is ten and she is in primary school. My father is an English and German teacher, and my mother is an accountant. I haven’t got any pets, but my grandparents have got a cat.

I like to write poetry, to ride my bicycle and to do roller blading. I am a scout. I don’t like karate, roller coasters and pollution.

I can speak French, German and Portuguese and I’m learning English and Spanish.

I go to Enjoyschool.

My eyes are brown and my hair too.

My favourite singer group is Fountainview and my favourite colour is purple.

My name is R. I am 11 years old. I live in Saint Blaise. My birthday is the 8th of September. I’m from France . I like riding my bicycle. I don't like tennis. I have a sister. My favourite food is pizza and my favourite sport is cycling. I have 10 dogs and 1 cat. I like video games. My favourite film is The lord of the ring. I don’t live in a flat, but I live in a house. I like my school.

My name is M. I am 11 years old and my birthday is April 10th. I was born in France and I have origins from Cameroon and Madagascar but I live in Valence. I have a brother called J and I have without laughing more than 20 cousins ​​in Cameroon. I will have a dog next week but otherwise I have goldfish. What I love to do is to look at shops and play soccer. These are my main activities with school of course. I love my figurines and my family and lots of other things. My favorite film is I believe the New Mutants and my favorite book is Megumi and the Phantom. I have hazel eyes. There are 5 percent of people in the world who have eyes that change color according to emotions and I have black hair.

My name is M. My birthday is 26th april 2008. I am 12 years old. I am from Normandie. I live in Villeneuve Loubet. I have a cat and a dog. I like horse jumping and pets. I don’t like football. My sports are horse jumping and basketball. I don’t like reading. I like films. My favourite subject at school is French. My eyes are brown and my hair is brown. My favourite singer is Dua Lipa.

Thank you for the reading !

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