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The death of Queen Elizabeth II

Enjoy School World News

Friday 16th September 2022

Reported by Aaron Dumas, Hugo Jathiere, Léa Becker, Ines Chabalier, Lilou Stend, Evie Bayard Sadran, Aston Brezzo, Mathilde Savelli, Emma Gatier, Pier-Albain Iacopino, Noa Pecchioni, Elona Heraud and Zoé Mouilleron.

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, died Thursday, September 8 at the age of 96. She had reigned over the United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms for seventy years, reports Hugo and Aaron. "It was the longest-reign of a British monarch: 70 years! She was crowned in 1952." explains Léa. She died at Balmoral, Charles, her eldest son, succeeded her and he will be named King Charles III. Before the queen’s death he was Prince of Wales. The first announcement of her death came from Buckingham Palace at 6:30 p.m. Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen died “peacefully” in her sleep at her home at Balmoral Castle in Scotland during the afternoon. "She had several grandchildren and children"Aston states. Her body was accompanied by her daughter Anne and her husband, who left Edinburgh for London on an RAF plane. The British had gathered along the route taken by the hearse that returned to Buckingham Palace. The princess Anne evokes with emotion the last 24 hours of the Queen:

"Witnessing the love and respect shown by all of you on these journeys has been moving and overwhelming. [...] We will all share memories. I thank each and every one of you who share our grief. I am also very grateful for the support and understanding you offer to my brother Charles, who has just taken on his responsibilities as Monarch. To my mother, to the Queen, thank you."

Elona conveys her thoughts on the words of Princess Anne "I find his moving all the love that Anna sends the queen."

"Her death marks the start of a new era for the United Kingdom." writes Ines ,who herself is half-British. Thousands of Britain's people gathered outside Buckingham Palace in the pouring rain to pay their respects. Her passing will be marked by a solemn ceremony during which the government won’t make any announcements until her funeral. Her funeral will be marked with a public holiday. Last Tuesday King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla traveled to Northern Ireland Where they saw an exhibition on the queen and her long association with the country reports Mathilde, Emma and Pier-Albain. From Thursday the Queen’s body lies in state in Westminster Hall. The public will have to wait in long queues to see the body of Queen Elizabeth II.

"The hearts of many are in mourning as are the ones of the royal family. I think many people are sad and surprised even though we all knew of her old age. In my case, I never really imagined what it would be like when she died. I never thought about the fact she would die. She survived so many things as well as Covid-19." Ines explains her feelings on the Queen's death.

Other Enjoy School students write their thoughts on the Queens death "For me I don’t know how the queen died now I am really sad but it will pass. I loved the queen because she was super happy" Expressing her opinion Noa writes "She had a good life. The queen had more than thirty corgis ( royal dogs) during his reign of 70 years."

A Mysterious Letter

Lilou and Evie report on a letter written by the Queen in 1986 made headlines in the British press. "What for? This letter with content unknown to all can only be opened in 2085, in 63 years.

This letter written in 19085 by the hand of the Queen herself can only be opened 'in 2085', in accordance with the instructions of the late Gracious Majesty." They write. To understand this story, let's go back to November 1986. Elizabeth II went on an official trip to Australia during her journey, she stopped in Sydney, the country's largest city. During her visit, the Queen visited the Queen Victoria Building, built in the nineteenth century, during the reign of Queen Victoria. The building had just undergone major renovations and reopened its doors to the public.The sovereign hand wrote a secret letter, with "the strict instruction for it not to open it before 2085". According to the British newspaper, "even her staff and most loyal advisers do not know what she has written." The general public, the royal family, and if all goes well in the future King George will only discover the content of the letter in six decades. This historic letter is still kept at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. Since the visit of Elizabeth II, The letter has been framed in a display case located in a restricted area of the building and only the instructions of Charles III's mother are visible. This letter is addressed to the "Right Honorable Lord Mayor of Sydney, Australia". According to the Australian media, it also reads the following instruction: "Hello. On your chosen day of the year 2085, please open this envelope and convey my message to the citizens of Sydney." This mysterious letter is authentic, says the British press, because the instructions are signed by hand, the name of the queen. A signature that she always used when she took the pen herself, whether to sign international treaties or, as here, for other messages.

What happen's next?

"Prince Charles III is now our new king." states Ines. It is expected that the money and the national anthem will be changed. And some countries are thinking about leaving the commonwealth. Léa asks the question "After the death of the Queen should the commonwealth maintain the monarchy?" The monarchy is good for tourism, and for the economy. A lot of tourists come from other countries to visit something that has having a connection to to the monarchy. They spend more than £500 million (807 million Canadian Dollars) "It is a lot of money" continues Léa. London is the most visited city in the world and one of the reasons is to visit Buckingham Palace. "That’s why why I think it is important to maintain the monarchy." Léa says "I don’t know if the royal family will be OK being normal people to stop being the royal family because now they are famous and they are rich. I don't know if they will accept it. That’s why the commonwealth will maybe maintain the royal family." The Royal Family spends a lot of money for the country. In 2018, the British Royal Family cost each British citizen £1.24, or about €1.39. "The Queen's death marks the start of a new era, we will have to wait and see." Ines poignantly declares.

Flavio encapsulates the sentiment of all the Enjoy School students stating, "The death of the most famous sovereign on the planet, whose state of health had deteriorated over the past year, is causing immense emotion in the United Kingdom and around the world. She was that grand woman . In my opinion she was the queen that represents the 21st century".


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